Consulting, Brand Development and Design

Relax, let me do the thinking.

Being a small business owner can be like a circus, but it's not very funny. From unpuzzling your accounting software to trying to provide clear guidance, it's overwhelming. Whether you are working with a team or just looking for clarity for yourself, you are not alone.

Take a deep breath.
(It is proven that oxygen helps you think more clearly.)

Let me help you uncover your business' strengths, opportunities and challenges. I work with businesses, entrepreneurs, students, employees, and designers at all stages of their business. I take the fuss and anxiety out of the process with my scientific method of finding your perfect design and creative solution.


• Corporate Workshops

• One-on-One Business Guidance

• Existential Design Crisis Hotline

• Creative Team Oversight

Are you a self-learner? Or have a designer already on-hand? I teach work workshops and provide consulting services. Let's make your process smoother.


What's your current roadblock? Email me.

brand development

• Creative Direction

• Logo & Identity

• Icons

• Color Palette

• Video Concepting

• Social Media Visual Strategy

Have a business that needs some design love? I have a research-focused strategy that provides you everything you need to start a business.

• Logo Development
• Icons and Secondary Elements
• Color Palette
• Packaging
• Photography Direction


What's your business?

Design Workshop

• Book Layout

• Packaging

• Websites

• Social Media

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